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Mission Statement

The NoVA Volleyball Alliance connects volleyball enthusiasts with volleyball leagues, tournaments, clubs, drop-ins, meet-ups, camps, clinics and private lessons in Northern Virginia (NoVA). It's a free public resource for players, coaches and Alliance partners intended to demystify the sport by providing clear information and relevant news to promote and grow volleyball in the area.

Youth Rec

Recreational House & Travel Leagues for ages 8 to 18

Youth Club

Competitive Club Volleyball Programs for ages 8 to 18

Camps and Clinics

Regional Camps, Clinics & Private Lessons for ages 8 to 18

High School

High School Programs for Girls and Boys in Grades 9 to 12

Sand and Grass

Outdoor Tournaments and Programs for All Ages

Adult Indoor

Indoor Programs for Ages 18 and Above

Boys Volleyball

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For Coaches

Information for Volleyball Coaches

New to Volleyball?

Information for Anyone New to Volleyball in Northern Virginia

Week-by-Week Guide to Summer Volleyball Camps & Clinics

Updated for Summer 2024

Summer Outdoor Volleyball Tournaments

Updated for Summer 2023

Helpful Volleyball Links

Guide to Club Volleyball in Northern Virginia

Updated for 2023-2024 Season

Club Tryouts Are In October (Boys) and November (Girls)

Click for CHRVA Club Tryout Dates for the 2023-2024 Season

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Volleyball By The Numbers


Number of US girls playing HS volleyball in 2015-16 (now 454+K in 2022!), the first year it surpassed HS basketball


Percentage of club volleyball programs in Northern Virginia started since 2008 (19 of 34)


Number of hours of the longest recorded volleyball game in history


Percentage of Olympic beach volleyball gold medals won by USA teams


Number of times the average volleyball player will jump per game


The number of USA Volleyball regions across the US including the Chesapeake  Region (CHRVA)


The miles per hour of the fastest recorded volleyball spike by Matey Kaziyski of Bulgaria


Number of teams in the NoVA High School Boys Volleyball League (NVHSBVL) in Fall 2022


The year volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan in Holyok, MA.  He called it "Mintonette"

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