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Camps, Clinics and Private Lessons

Volleyball camps, clinics and private lessons are an effective way for players to improve their individual skills.  They provide expert coaching using both common and innovative techniques in a supportive environment.  Volleyball camps and clinics are usually targeted at girls and boy ages 8 to 18, but a few organizations noted below also offer programs for adults 18 years and older.

"Camps" are broad-based multi-day events run during the summer months which often include meals and overnight accommodations.  "Clinics" are shorter in duration or weekly events that tend to be  more focused on specific skills or age groups.  "Private Lessons" involve a dedicated coach working with one or more individuals paid on an hourly basis.

Below are organizations accessible to those in Northern Virginia that usually provide volleyball camps, clinics and private lessons.  Any organization that wants to be added to the list should send an email to

University Summer Camps

Regional universities offer some of the best volleyball camps.  They are typically run during summer months by the school's coaching staff with support from student players.  They are held at university facilities with multiple courts running concurrently for different age groups and/or skill levels.

Use the following link for a calendar view of 2018 Summer Volleyball Camps.

High School Summer Camps

Regional high schools run highly regarded summer camps, typically during a 3 to 5 day period.  They mainly target those in grades 5 to 8 who may ultimately attend  the school.   The camps are run at the high school's gyms by the coaching staff with support from student players.

Use the following link for a calendar view of 2018 Summer Volleyball Camps.

Club Camps & Clinics

Almost all of the volleyball clubs listed on the clubs page hold clinics and open gyms in the months leading up to tryouts in November. The ones listed below run additional camps and clinics during the summer months leading up to school tryouts or throughout the year. They are run by the club's coaching staff at the club's primary practice facility.

Other Clinics

Other organizations also provide camp and clinic options for both juniors and adults. 

Private Lessons

Several local clubs also offer paid private lessons.  Sessions can be either one coach and one player, or one coach and multiple players. 

Any organization that wants to be added to the list should send an email to

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