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Adult Indoor Programs

Indoor adult volleyball comes in a variety of shapes and forms, catering to the various interests and needs of participants.  Some programs are highly competitive, while others are more laid back.  Some are organized leagues while others are informal gatherings.  Some are geared towards beginners while others required advanced skills.  All are generally welcoming to those who share the passion to learn, play and enjoy volleyball.

This page covers known indoor adult programs in Northern Virginia, categorizing when possible.  Not all adult programs are open to the public, so these are mainly the ones interested in attracting new participants.  If you'd like to include your program, send an email to

Classification of Skill/Experience Levels

Several adult indoor volleyball programs use a letter classification to group those with similar skills and experience to keep play fair and balanced.

  • "Open"/"AA" - Advanced volleyball, primarily for seasoned athletes with strong volleyball skills.  Requires knowledge of competitive volleyball offenses and defenses.
  • "A" - Above average volleyball, primary experienced athletes with solid volleyball skills.  Requires knowledge of volleyball offensive and defensive positions.
  • "BB" - Average volleyball, primarily for those with some volleyball experience and intermediate skills.  Requires fundamental understanding of positions.
  • "B" - Beginner volleyball, primarily those relatively new to volleyball with emerging skills and knowledge of the game. This is also the designation for "social" leagues which place a high emphasis on fun and friendship.

Adult Leagues

The following organizations run volleyball leagues for adults, mostly 6 v 6 with both single sex and coed divisions.  Matches are run weekly against other teams in the same league.

Meet-Up Groups

Meet-ups are organized gatherings to play "pick-up" volleyball.  They typically use the site to advertise events and registered interested participants.  The events are usually weekly (ex. Mondays), focused on a skill/experience level ("A", "BB", "B") and involve a fee.  Below are some of the known meet-up volleyball groups in Northern Virginia.

Drop-In Locations

Also referred to as "pick-up" or "open" volleyball, drop-in events are scheduled times set aside for playing volleyball at certain public and private gyms.  Teams are formed from those who show up and games are played continuously.  Drop-in events usually do not target specific skill/experience levels ("A", "BB", "B").  However, local rules may separate beginners from more experienced players.

Adult Indoor Tournaments

There are a number of Adult Indoor tournaments held each indoor season, usually between the months of September and April, by several different tournament providers. The most common format is competitive 6 v 6 with varying levels of play, but 4 v 4 and 2 v 2 formats have also been used. These tournaments are primarily geared toward men’s and women’s teams, but coed and reverse coed tournaments are common as well.

Club Volleyball

Adult club volleyball is alive and doing well in Northern Virginia.  Club teams for both men and women compete locally in tournaments under the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) and sanctioned by USA Volleyball, the national governing body of club volleyball.  Although not as extensive as Juniors club volleyball, teams are grouped by skill level (AA, A, BB, B) and play in regional tournaments across VA, MD, DC and DE.

For more information including guidelines for registering a team, visit the CHRVA Adult Volleyball page.

Adult Indoor News

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