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Outdoor Sand and Grass Programs

Following a national trend, outdoor volleyball has become increasingly popular in the area for both adults and juniors.   Once limited to those over 18, outdoor grass and sand tournaments now have divisions for CHRVA-registered juniors.  Additionally, several clubs are offering specialized academies for those interested in pursuing sand volleyball scholarships to college.  Sand volleyball has been the fasting growing NCAA collegiate sport over the past several years.

Outdoor tournaments are typically doubles (2-person teams).  Most leagues host either 4-person or 6-person teams.  There are always both single sex and co-ed divisions.  Almost all outdoor events are held between May and September during warm weather months.

There are an increasing number of organized outdoor volleyball events for juniors including grass and sand tournaments sanctioned by CHRVA and USA Volleyball which govern youth club volleyball.

Below is a listing of organizations that run outdoor leagues and tournaments for both adults and juniors.  It includes locations where pick-up/meet-up games are popular.  If you'd like to be listed, send an email to   

Outdoor Tournaments

Below are the programs that run outdoor volleyball tournaments during the warm weather months.  Many of the tournaments have separate adult and junior divisions.

Use the following link for a complete list of Outdoor Volleyball Tournaments.

Outdoor Leagues

Several organizations run volleyball leagues on local sand courts.

Outdoor Locations - Sand

The following locations have designed sand courts that are popular for leagues, meet-up and drop-in volleyball.  


Arlington County

Fairfax County

Loudon County

Washington DC

Outdoor Sand and Grass News

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