Updating Your News and Information

To promote your program and post current news, a dedicated page is created for each Alliance Partner with exclusive access granted to you and designated individuals. You can update your page with any profile or program information you'd wish to communicate to your audience.  You can add news stories and configure them to appear on subject-specific pages elsewhere on the site (ex. Youth Rec, Youth Club, Adult, etc.).   If your own website is on the SportsEngine platform, you can automatically mirror your news stories to this website with one easy stop (it's cool, try it).

Step 1: Login to this Site

Log in to this website by clicking on the "Login" text in the upper left corner of this screen. 

Step 2: Navigate to Your Partner Page

Locate your page on this website using one of three different paths: 

  • In the Partners section of the home page, click on your logo to go to your page
  • or, hovet on the menu item "Partners" and select your programs name from the drop down list
  • or, type your programs name into the "Search" box and select it from the results list

Step 3: Go Into Page Edit Mode

If privileges are configured correctly to edit your page, a button labeled "Edit Mode" should appear on the left column of your browser window.  Click anywhere to turn "On" page editing.

 If you do not see the Edit Mode button, send us a note at novavolleyballalliance@gmail.com 

Step 4: Add A News Article

One of the existing Page Elements you'll see is a "News Aggregator" on the right side of the page.  Click on the black cog wheel on the yellow News Aggregator header, then pick "Add Article".  An "Add News Article" window appears.

​​​​​​​Step 5: Write the News Article

​​​​​​​Compose your news article filling in the following:

  • Status: Set to Published for your article to appear
  • Title: Add a short descriptive title of the news
  • Author: Enter your name
  • Teaser Text: Option tag line under the Title
  • Has Image: Click the checkbox and upload an image from your hard drive.  The recommendation is to use your program's logo.
  • Preview Text: Write or paste in the information you'd like the user to read if they click on the news items

​​​​​​​Step 6: Tag Your News Article

This is the most important step for your news story to appear elsewhere on the site, in the appropriate program (youth rec, club, adult indoor, camps, etc.)

  • At the top of the Edit News Article section, click on the "Show Tag Menu" to see all possible tags
  • Select the appropriate Program where you'd like your news story to appear.  The options are:
    • Youth Recreational House and Travel Leagues
    • Youth Club Programs
    • Camps, Clinics and Private Lessons
    • High School Team Programs
    • Outdoor Sand and Grass Programs
    • Adult Indoor Programs
    • Program Information for Coaches

Step 7: Save Your News Article

Scoll to the bottom of the Edit News Article window and click on "Continue to Compose Article" to navigate to the preview page.  You'll see the article as it will appear.  Click Off the Edit Mode to see a true representation of the article.  Edit

If your own website uses SportsEngine, you can ask SportsEngine to link you directly to the NoVA Volleyball Alliance website.  You can then post news articles directly from your website to this one.  For more details, contact novavolleyballalliance@gmail.com.