Using the Alliance Logo to Link Your Website

In exchange for listing your volleyball programs and posting your news stories for free, Alliance Partners are asked to cross-promote the NoVA Volleyball Alliance on their website and in electronic newsletters.  We hope the free and unbiased information on this site improves volleyball awareness in the community that in turn promotes continued growth of our great sport. 

Below are the steps to download the logo and activate it on your website.

Step 1: Download the NoVA Volleyball Alliance Logo

First click on the appropriate logo file at the bottom of this page. Using your right-mouse click, go to Save Image As... then save the file locally on your computer.  The logo is available in a 200 x 200 pixel format with either a white background or no background.

Step 2: Add the Logo to Your Website or Newsletter

The logo is a simple .gif that can be uploaded anywhere on a standard sports website or electronic newsletter.  You can place it on a section reserved for "sponsors" or "affiliated organizations".   

Step 3: Link the Logo to this Website

After uploading the logo, update its image property "URL" with "".  When the logo is clicked on your website, it will launch this website.

If you have any questions, contact us at